The 5:2 Diet “famine and feast”

‘Intermittent Fasting’ to lose weight

The big diet “craze” of 2014 in trying to prevent weight gain is by intermittent fasting. Often referred to as The 5:2 Diet, on account that you “fast” for 2 days and feast for the other 5 days of the week. Here is a simple YouTube video to explain (by Kevin Partner).

The 5:2 premise them is to mix feasting and famine, literally. The most popular approach is the 5:2 Diet, a British export, discovered by Dr. Michael Mosley during a TV documentary on the subject. 5:2 mixes five days of normal eating per week with two days of restricted meals totalling between 500 and 600 calories (depending on whether you are a woman or a man).

Some folks swear by it. Others remain very sceptical. It’s so new that there hasn’t been a lot of research on humans, although animal studies, including some at the National Institute on Ageing indicate there may be some benefits, certainly in the short term, people doing 5:2 have not reported any serious side affects to this new weight-loss approach.

Critics, though, claim any weight loss is likely to be short-lived, and there are some concerns that repeated fasting could do a number on your metabolism. One primary care physician, Will Kimbrough, (One Medical Group), has said he believes fad diets aren’t the way to go. A balanced approach to diet and food is a better and safer way to prevent weight gain.  “If you live making smart choices on a daily basis, then you don’t have to make up for those choices early in the new year,” he says.

That being said, he says a certain degree of self-discipline is involved. Tips for any weight loss diet:
– use a small plate at parties,
– load up on vegetables first,
– consider alternating glasses of water with drinks like beer and wine.

Learn more about 5:2 | Books and Recipes

Kate Harrison, a popular writer on the 5:2 Diet, has published books, videos and recipes about 5:2. She was one of the first to embrace social media/blogs to connect with her fans, answer common Q’s about the diet and share 5:2 recipes, ideas, tips and nurture support.

Kate has set-up a THE 5:2 DIET FACEBOOK GROUP which at the time of writing has about 34,000 members and rising!! It has become a daily read for many members embarking on this “WOE – Way of Eating” where they seek guidance and support. Many show their before and after shots.



Venus Freeze Skin Tightening

Jacqui Palmer (Senior Skin Specialist) of Beau Synergy clinic describes how they use the Venus Freeze in anti-ageing treatments, facials and skin tightening.

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Keeping abreast of Cancer

Cancer awarenessFor the first time, full-frontal images of women will appear in public in the UK without censoring – and for a very good cause.

To coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, charity CoppaFeel! have created images shot by Rankin which show breasts in all their natural glory in order to raise awareness about the disease.

Cancer Awareness: CoppaFeel can remind you to check your boobs!

There is also a “Press Pack available at the Breast Cancer Aware website: